Version 2.5

iRosary is an innovative new Rosary for the iPhone and iPod Touch which displays a fully-animated set of Rosary beads that flows across your hand as you move it with your finger, like a standard Rosary.

For those new to the Rosary, there is no easier way to learn this perfect prayer which engages the body, mind, and soul, while meditating on the life of Jesus Christ. Those who pray the Rosary regularly will appreciate how closely iRosary resembles a traditional Catholic Rosary.


Unique Features

Beads that Move
Pull the beads with your finger to advance to the next prayer.
Master Artwork
2 complete sets of images from famous Christian paintings.
Your Perfect Rosary
270 chain, bead, and cross combinations let you create a Rosary just for you.
Easy to Read
The text is easy to read and can be resized by spreading with 2 fingers.
Follows Liturgical Year
iRosary suggests the correct Mystery based on the liturgical period.
Pray with your eyes closed thanks to an easy interface and pleasing sound cues.


Other Features

  1. Move the beads to the left or the right, making it easy to hold iRosary in EITHER HAND
  2. Always REMEMBERS your place and automatically resumes when you return
  3. A bead highlight and a decade bead number help TRACK your progress
  4. Uses the STANDARD set of prayers listed on the Vatican website
  5. The SAME number of beads as a standard Rosary, with between-bead prayers that fold out as you arrive to them
  6. Beads can be pushed back to return to a PREVIOUS prayer
  7. The LUMINOUS mysteries can be turned on or off
  8. Includes the CHAPLET of Divine Mercy and the Loreto LITANIES
  9. A DYNAMIC interface which extensively uses Apple's Core Animation to provide a rich user experience


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